Friday, July 14, 2017

Xhaiden 1

Have I mentioned before that Dom's bathroom in the hospital is cleaned by a robot? It is plopped in the bathroom, the door is closed and it emits UV light like a strobe and zaps away the germs.

The staff named it Xhaiden 1, which means: cleansing beam of light. I find it adorable that a squat little robot is zapping the germs away with a cleansing beam of light.

I also find it symbolic. What else can I do but ponder the cleansing beam of light in my own life, as daily my own spirituality comes into sharper focus, and daily I must allow things to fall away that do not serve. Though really, nothing is here to serve me, rather I am here to serve. More importantly, daily, I ask for the good to come, and the nasties to go away. I envision very uncomfortable microscopic invader creatures being pushed out both by the chemo and by the cleansing beam of light. I envision the light; it is stronger than any rebellious cells. It is clearing out that which aims to destroy, and making all things new and whole.

I am grateful for this tangible reminder rolling throughout the halls, and visiting us.


Kimberly Manganello said...

Hello Cassandra,
I work for the company that develops the disinfection robot you mentioned in your blog and was very moved by the message and quite honestly how symbolic your message is for me as well. It was truly a gift to come across your post. Thank you!

Cassandra said...

Oh Kimberly, that is so kind of you to leave a comment! You made my day. What a wonderful company to work for. Thank you for being a part of something really fantastic.

Kimberly Manganello said...

I would love to send you guys some Xenex swag - if you're interested. Just email me at or call me at 210.853.2875.

I hope things continue to progress positively and I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.