Monday, July 03, 2017


I didn't think I'd have anything to blog about, but oh my goodness today (Sunday) was a flurry!

And it's just a snap shot of the way we're being so incredibly held up.

We had family come to visit today. We've tried to limit our visits for the sake of Dom's immune system, but family is family. Of course, we're not blood related to anyone that came, but they were all family nonetheless.

I so needed that long, nope, I'm not letting you go yet hug that I got.
I needed to see my sweet baby girl. And to hear how things were going where we live. And my neighbor sent beans and tomatoes and lettuce from the garden that she's been tending for us. Amazing! All of it.

 Yesterday, we learned that there was a huge water leak in the barn apartment that shares a water line with our house. The only thing that could be done on a holiday weekend, was to turn it all off. That meant no water in our house. And Dom soon to be discharged. And waiting lists of 3 weeks for a plumber. The full ramifications did not set in until our friends came and we talked about it. 
And, in the midst of this visit, our dear Craig was dropping by the house to help us out with something. This guy is superman, (and single, ladies. wink). I called him and asked if he'd mind just having a look in the barn. A little while later, and problem solved.

It's just amazing to me the timing of it all.  And in a humorous fashion, it had to happen all whilst connecting with people who just needed to see Dom's face, and pinch him, and realize, he's same Dom, just without all the hair. I guess I should have prefaced this story by saying that prior to our company, It was very quiet. Dom and I were just waiting for one or the other couple to arrive, and they all arrived at the same time. We went from absolute solitude to love and laughs and frantic phone calls and a baby playing with little packets of sugar on Dom's bed.

The sugar packets have been lingering in our room for the duration of our stay. When we ask for coffee in the morning, we're met with the reply "cream and sugar?" Which is always met with "No sugar, thanks." And still, the coffee arrives with packets of sugar. (Because everyone here is just so nice and accommodating, and maybe we'll change our mind....) So, every morning, I shove packets of sugar in a paper cup. This baby had no idea the amount of baby crack she was holding in her hands. As far as she knew, it was shaky noise paper.

And all too soon, it was time to say goodbye. And I won't lie, as soon as the baby was gone, the linens were changed, the clorox wipes came out and I did my best to banish any possible hitch hikers. I swear that baby didn't have any, because she just looked straight from heaven.

Now, it's quiet again. I'm headed home tomorrow to scrub like mad. It will be my first day home in two weeks. (By the way, Terry the Talker literally just sang Rod Stewart's If you want my body and you think I'm sexy in an old man voice. Real time writing here.) I take the quiet comment back. It won't be quiet again until somewhere around 7 a.m. All is well.

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