Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Diagnosis and Answers

Thank you everyone for your love, support, prayers, and good questions.
Here are some answers as we think of them:
(I'll update as new questions and answers come up.)

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
There are no stages to this. There are several different types of Leukemia, of course he got the kid one. No one can say how long he has had this. It’s a bit of a mystery yet. No idea what makes it happen. It’s just what we’ve got, and we’re going to fight it!

First visit to ER on Thursday the 15th.

Stay at Sutter 3 weeks for first stay. All else unknown as yet. We’re looking at a lot of 4 day visits and follow ups.

We may have to stay in Sacramento at some point.

The logistics are a bit over whelming just now, so it’s a little easier to focus on grasping what is happening right now, and crossing bridges one at a time. We really don’t need anything at this moment but all the love and prayer and hugs. I am sure we will need things along the way. I am taking notes, and will learn to ask for things as we need them. It will be tough. We don’t like to ask for things.

Bone Marrow Transplant unknown yet.

The side affects from Chemo don’t kick in right away, so hoping for the best.

We have animals that are currently being looked after. I am thinking we’d like to set up some relief for our neighbor, so thanks every one that asked. I am sure in future, we will need a little help with the animals.

I am not sure yet if blood/platelet donations can be donated directly. I’ll look in to that. Meanwhile, just knowing that people are prompted to do so is encouraging, and we so appreciate the thought.

His diet is going to be limited. The biggest thing we need to focus on is keeping him healthy, and that means limiting exposures.
No delicious berries, no kale, no flowers in the room.

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