Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 5

We're waking up on day 5.

Dom is feeling better this morning. Yesterday was a little more challenging. It was a full day of everything under the sun being pumped into him. Blood, platelets and some other blood thing. (That's a technical term).
It's a lot to take in. Some of the products have very short life spans once brought out of cryo, so the nurse was all business about getting them in quickly. Stacy. We really like her. She was on her toes yesterday for sure.

So, after a day full of various lines, Dom was feeling a bit full and uncomfortable. A beige dinner sat untouched and sent back. Happy that he woke up hungry and feeling better. We're also pretty excited that every morning, someone brings us both coffee. They are all so kind and attentive.

For those interested in more technical terminology, The whole point of chemo is to get his white blood cell count down to zero. He started somewhere up at 190, if I remember correctly, normal is somewhere between 5 and 11. So....that was the giveaway. This morning, he is down to 3.2. Good news. Everything is doing its job. He's going to get down to zero, and stay there for a little while to make sure all the baddies are gone too.


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