Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dom's version of events

Dom’s version events:

I was feeling a little more fatigued than normal. But I’d been working full steam, so maybe it was just that. But then some unusual bruises were showing up. The ones on the leg seemed reasonable. I’m busy, not unusual to bump into things and bruise. But then the inexplicable bruising on the torso was worrisome.
Cass had gone to the store for pain killers on Thursday, and while she was away, I discovered a tick while I was checking for bruises. We decided to head off to Urgent Care thinking Lyme’s. Urgent Care suggested a visit to the ER was more appropriate with the bruising.
That was a really good thing.
Initially they thought it was just a reaction from the tick. We pressed about the bruising. So, they drew blood, and came back with the news that Lyme’s was the least of our worries.
Platelets were so low, they wouldn’t let me go anywhere until they’d administered two bags of platelets. Apparently, had we been in an accident on the way, I could have bled out.
They told us to pack our bags, we’d be sent to Sutter in Sacramento.
Cass ran home to collect our bags and organize care for the animals. We thought I’d be leaving by ambulance right away for Sutter in Sacramento. It was complicated. There needed to be a bed. The doctor was on call. We were in a holding pattern.
We finally got the word at around 1 am that I’d leave for Sacramento at 4 am to be admitted to Sutter at 6 am.
And then things really got busy.
Cass arrived about 10 minutes after me. I was in a room just taking it all in.
Then the madness began. Blood draws, a needle in the back, a pick line, heart tests, nurses, more nurses, results, explanations.
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
The prognosis is good.
Cass and I thought we’d be here for 6 weeks, so when we heard the program would be possibly 3 weeks with several follow up visits of 4 day stays, and many more visits in the future. We got this. We can do it. Also thought a bone marrow transplant was a for sure thing, and found out it’s just a possibility. That’s kind of a relief.
They immediately started me on chemo. Made it through the first night with flying colors. All kinds of warnings about shivers and shakes and none of that happened, so that’s good.
Woke up with an appetite after 2 days of little to no food. That also felt good.
Everyone here at the hospital has been really great. My doctor specializes in this. We feel under the best of care. The nurses have all been great. I have my own room, and there’s a cot for Cass.
My job is to walk, brush my teeth, shower, eat, and heal.

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