Monday, January 26, 2009

odd things

Two things struck me today. Actually, many things, but I'll stick with two first.

We don't listen anymore. We don't read, we don't let space be empty. We fill it. I was reading a thread on facebook about a friend sending her daughter to pre-school. There were several comments between women, and the Mom shared a lot of information about this experience, including how much her daughter has enjoyed pre-school over time. The final
comment was a question, asking if the girl liked pre-school.
It reminded me of the time I was spending the weekend in a cabin in the snow with friends.

A group of us had descended upon a grocery store late at night to pick up some odds and ends. We were all drunk on life really. We stumbled upon the "toy"section which for some reason was funnier than anything ever in our lives. I may have pee'd my pants.

When we got back, we had to explain to those who stayed behind just what they'd missed. I was so caught up in how funny everything was, that even though I watched my friends imitate the battery operated creepy toy gorilla, when they were done, I yelled out "do the gorilla!" Somewhere midway through them repeating what they'd just done, (laughing at my stupidity under their breath) it dawned on me that I sat there taking in the exact same story only moments ago, and it just hadn't registered in my brain until that moment.

I think that's how we are in life. We're so busy caught up in our moments, our wants, our needs, our whatever, that we miss what's happening in the moment.

Meanwhile, I glossed over an interview of sorts by a country music star. (Hypocrite, aren't I? Glossing instead of reading.) He made comments that he wouldn't be sharing details about his wedding because it's private. He doesn't understand how people can sell pictures of their wedding or babies, because those things should be personal. While I agree they should be personal, I don't see how pictures makes them less personal; unless of course, you are of the belief system that your image on film steals your soul. Granted, it creeps me out that people would sell their pictures, but if the proceeds go to a good cause, how can you argue with that?

Then I got to thinking why there is even a market for these personal things. One thought came to mind (today). It may be related to the above story about how we don't listen anymore. Aside of the glamour; the exotic travel, and endless clothing budget, I think the ordinary person is drawn to celebrity, because it's a way of connecting without really connecting. We can watch a couple date, marry, give birth and divorce all without having to do anything. We can see photos of their fashion dos for inspiration and feel smugly better about ourselves when they look like they've been awake for 72 hours. We can watch their relationships rise and fall without ever having to be on the other end of the phone wondering with a sobbing person where it all went wrong. We can look at baby pictures because these people have become an extension of our selves; and who doesn't love a baby? (If it's not your own of course.)

I have no problem with someone doling out pieces of their lives, even for money. Because, at the end of the day, no one really knows what Brad and Angelina say to each other under the covers and behind closed doors. I think there's still loads of things the two of them share that the masses aren't allowed into. I don't see a difference between a picture of their baby, and an interview about an album. It's all the stuff the mill knows we the people eat up. So, I guess what I am trying to say is I have a problem with people who choose a career dependant upon other people's interest in them, and who give interviews, but knock the publicity of others. It it's any group that I find unsavory, it's the one I belong to; those who are fascinated by other people's lives. Perhaps if I filled less space with all that, I'd have more space to listen.

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