Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kellogg made your kid fat

Kellogg made your kids fat.
What kind of a world do we live in that Tony the Tiger has more power over kids than parents?
I just read an article on the net that Kellogg is going to reformulate their products to have more nutritional value. This in respone to the threat of a lawsuit from parents and advocacy groups. Don't get me wrong, I think sugared cereal is the devil. It just seems like the world is out of control, that's all. People's entire careers are based on manipulating young minds to buy their product. And then when that works, another group of people make a career out of suing those people.
Where are the parents in all this? The branding works because kids are sitting in front of TVs hours on end. They're soaking in whatever advertisers want them to; and oh, they're bored out of their minds and eating to pass the time.
I do think it's good that there is some regulation in advertising. It just makes me sad that we're a society of babies that need our hands held and blame everything on someone else. Maybe if parents spent some time with the kids instead of parking them in front of the tube, maybe, just maybe they wouldn't get to be obese. Why don't those advocacy groups that sue advertisers sue parents for being lazy and neglectful. Oh, right, where's the money in that?

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